Sprouted Seeds - Production, Safety and Quality - a Campden BRI Seminar

Fri, 23 Mar 2012

Sprouted seeds are an important and expanding part of the fresh produce sector. However, they have been implicated in food safety issues. Campden BRI is holding a seminar on 9 May 2012 to discuss the implications.

British sprouts are the safest in the world.

Jim Hardy of Aconbury Sprouts has been approached by Campden BRI to speak on sprout production. With over 25 years of experience in sprouting and a BRC A Grade under his belt, he's certainly qualified! Jim was approached by Campden after working with the Food Standards Agency to develop new guidelines for UK sprout producers. Last year's E.coli outbreak in Germany highlighted that until now no government guidelines have ever been set for sprouting so Jim has been pushing for a national standard. Jim also thinks that all seed that is sold for home sprouting should be tested for safety before it can be sold in the UK which is why all Aconbury seed is tested for both safety and germination.

Whilst there were no cases of E.coli in the UK, the industry has been adversely affected by the outbreak, seeing sales drop dramatically as retailers took sprouts off their shelves. Those growing cucumbers may have seen some compensation but there has been nothing offered to sprout producers who saw their sales halve overnight after the FSA advised the British public not to eat sprouts unless they were cooked. This advice was lifted within a few weeks but the news that UK sprouted seeds were safe all along did not receive as much media coverage. Some 8 months on the FSA guidelines have been drawn up and sprout producers are hoping that retailers will now feel more confident than ever that sprouts produced in the UK are and always have been perfectly safe. Not to mention tasty and nutritious!


For more information and to register for the event, go to www.campden.co.uk/sprouted-seeds-seminar.htm

This event qualifies for 5 BASIS points.


Campden BRI - expertise in contaminant analysis and its interpretation: www.campden.co.uk/services/food-analysis-testing.htm.


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